Client Information

1.  The client will remain fully clothed for the session.  All metal (earring, watches, etc.)

     must be removed prior to the session.

​2.  Reiki can be performed in silence (no music or talking) or with music, according to the

     client's wishes.  

​4.  Maladies of the body and mind are in layers and will only be released when the client

     is ready to release them.

​5.  Reiki can stimulate detoxification of the body.  Following a session, it is

     advisable to drink plenty of water and to avoid coffee, soft drinks and alcohol to aid

     the body in ridding itself of these toxins.

6.  Strong emotional releases can sometimes occur.  Be gentle with yourself.  Be sure to

     let Hélène know if this occurs.

​7.  The benefits of Reiki may not be apparent immediately following the

     session, but can continue throughout the week that follows.  Sometimes benefits are

     dramatic and rapid.  

​8.  Relaxing essential oils are diffused into the air during the treatment.  Please let

     Hélène know beforehand if you have allergies to any essential oils or if you would

     prefer not to have any during your treatment.

​9.  Let Helene know of any reactions you experience.

​*10. Please bring warm socks and dress warmly as the body cools down during the


*11. The client is advised to drink plenty of filtered water for two days following  a


What is Reiki?   (pronounced Ray-kee)

- a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing

- a gentle, hands-on, non-invasive approach to balanced health

- is safe for everyone, including babies, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with

  various medical and psychological conditions  

- is performed by a trained, certified practitioner

- no herbal products or other substances are needed for this to work

What can Reiki do for me?

- Reiki has a positive effect on all forms of illness and negative health conditions

- helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation which gives the body a chance to heal


- can complement other forms of treatment, including medical treatments

The Practioner:

- Hélène has Level III Reiki Master training and is a registered member of the

  Canadian Reiki Association.

deVeer Photography

deVeer Photography

To book an appointment:

1.  Please contact the clinic and arrange for an appointment at a convenient time and


2.  Complete the Reiki Client Information Form and bring it with you to the appointment.