1.  How do I make an appointment?

     Appointments are best made by phoning the clinic and speaking with Helene.

2. ​What if I have an appointment but I can't keep it?

     ​Please phone the clinic and cancel the appointment as soon as possible.  If you give

     less that 24 hours notice of cancellation, you will be responsible for the fee of the

     scheduled service.

​3.  Does the provincial government cover the cost of the fees?

     The Saskatchewan Provincial Government Health Ministry does not cover any of the

​     fees for  services.  The client is responsible for all fees.  Some health insurance plans

​     cover some of the fees for consultations and treatments.  Check with your insurance

     provider to see if they cover any of these services.  You will be responsible for making

     any approved claim with your insurance provider.

​4.  ​What does a clinical herbalist NOT do?

     ​A clinical herbalist WILL NOT:

  • ​diagnose medical conditions
  • ​prescribe medications or order hospital lab tests
  • ​treat for specific conditions except in emergencies
  • ​work in opposition to the medical or other fields
  • ​encourage clients to cease taking their prescribed medications

​5. Are herbal remedies safe?

     When given under supervision of a clinical herbalist, herbal medicines are safe, with

     few or no side effects.

​6.  How long will it take to get results?

     ​That depends on the individual and the health problem.  The longer you have been ill,

     the longer it will take to recover your health.  Some clients see results in 2-3 weeks,

     while others may need 2-3 months to start seeing results.   Herbs are only one part of

     most therapeutic protocols.  Attention to diet, exercise, rest, lifestyle, etc. are also

     essential and without this aspect, the herbs cannot be expected to work as well as

     they should.

7Can I take herbs with prescription medications?

     ​You can take many herbs along with prescription medications, however some herbs

     interact with these and sometimes the dosage of medicine may need to be reduced.

     If you are currently on prescription medicines, do not self-medicate with herbs.  It is

     better to consult with a clinical herbalist and work with your medical doctor to

     determine the best approach.

8.  How often do I need to come for a consultation?

     ​That depends on the client and the condition.  At first, appointments may need to be

     spaced closer together (every three weeks), and as health improves, appointments

     can be scheduled further apart.  If the client follows the suggested protocol carefully,

     health will improve much more quickly and the need for consultations will diminish.

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